Earn Online with using mobile phone

In the 21st century, time is changing so fast and everyone wants income for our daily living expenses. When I was in 16 I want independent for at least my piggy expenses. Especially these days students have a big problem to earn for their pocket expenses. In the last decades, our digital world is growing so rapidly. If we want to earn then catch the opportunity and convert it into cash and the same I will tell you in this blog.

I will tell you for minimum ₹558 in five steps

Eligibility for Earn ₹558

  1. You have to be a smartphone 
  2. You have to be  a mobile link Bank Account
  3. You have to be debit (ATM) card of that account virtual or physical no matter


On the stairs of earning 558 first step is to refer Google Pay (Tez) to someone in your circle or out of the circle. If you have not Google Pay account then you can use my referral link to register on Google Pay or you can click on Join Google Pay. when you refer someone Google Pay then Google will give you a ₹51 as per normal offer and also that person will get ₹51 who use your referral link to join on Google Pay and complete their first transaction on Google Pay. Here the idea is that if I will register a new Google Pay account using my own referral link then I will get both rewards which are 51+51=102. When Google referral offer is running then normally offer is that if you refer someone then you get ₹180 and that person will get ₹21. Think in this situation if you register a new Google Pay account using own referral link then you will get ₹180+21=201. 


 On stairs of earning ₹ 558-second step is refer Phone Pe to someone in your circle or out of circle no matter who is installing using your referral link. If you are not installed Phone Pe before this then click on join Phone Pe button. As per general Phone Pe offer if you refer Phone Pe to someone then you will get ₹75 or ₹100 or ₹150 in your Phone Pe wallet as per running an offer of Phone Pe. A person who will install Phone Pe using your link also gets some amount as per the running offer. Here, you will think that this is a wallet amount, not an account balance.


On stairs of earning ₹558 third step is to refer Amazon Pay UPI to anyone in your circle or out of your circle.  If you are reading the first time about Amazon Pay UPI or if you not using Amazon Pay UPIthen click on Amazon Pay UPI button and register on Amazon Pay UPI. As per running offer you have to be sent minimum ₹250 to any Amazon Pay UPI. Example-0000000000@apl Then the referee will get ₹31 in Amazon Pay wallet and person who registered using the referral link will get the amount as per the running offer. Maximum time two offers for a new user is running which is send ₹250 or more and get ₹50 or above in Amazon Pay wallet. Second, Pay using scanning of any QR Code then you will get ₹50 or more. 


On stairs of earning ₹558 fourth step is to refer Paytm UPI to anyone. Who is not registered on Paytm UPI before this can click on join Paytm UPI and person can register themself on Paytm UPI. As per running offer if someone register on Paytm UPI using your Paytm UPI referral link then a person will get ₹100 in Paytm wallet. A person registering themself on Paytm UPI using the referral link and if that person will send two times ₹10 to anyone on Paytm UPI then person will get ₹50 in their Paytm Wallet.


On stairs of earning of ₹558 fifth step is to refer Airtel UPI to anyone. If you are not registered on Airtel UPI then you can click on join Airtel UPI button. When you refer someone and that person will register using your referral link and person will send ₹50 anyone on Airtel UPI then both person will get ₹40 in Airtel wallet or Airtel Payment Bank. If you have Airtel Payment Bank then you will get a bank amount otherwise you will get Airtel wallet Amount.

Now think that referrer and referee both are you then all amount will be yours. Let's see if we follow all five steps then how much we will earn from this. Google Pay (51+51)+Phone Pe (100+25)+Amazon Pay UPI (31+75)+Paytm UPI (100+50)+Airtel UPI (40+40)=₹563

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