DBT in Fertilizer Android Latest Application Download Version 3.21

DBT in Fertilizer 3.2.1
DBT Fertilizer Android App 3.21Version

What is DBT Fertilizer Android App 3.21?

DBT Fertilizer Android app 3.21 is an upgraded version of DBT in Fertilizer App 3.2. Which was launched by the Department of Fertilizer Government of India to sell subsidies for fertilizer to farmers. India has a large and vast geographical area. So, It's a big challenge for the Indian Government to provide subsidies for fertilizers to farmers and track the availability of fertilizers. Also, Government want to ensure that the right person is getting the benefits from subsidies for fertilizers. Department of Fertilizer then decided to launch an app for fertilizer distribution stack holders like Dealers, Retailers etc. 

DBT in Fertilizer app 3.21 has all features of the old DBT Fertilizer app 3.2 with an extra cashless feature. DBT Fertilizer has also an extra version for Android 12 users.

How to use DBT Fertilizer 3.21 Version?

DBT Fertilizer 3.21 app has one version for below Android 12 users and for Android 12 and above users. So, no need to check the Android version before installation of the app. Download the DBT Fertilizer mobile app (FertPoS) from below and after that install it on your device and give the necessary permission to run the app on your device. Now, log in to the app using your ID and PIN.

DBT in Fertilizer 3.21 App has new features like cashless payment.

How to Download DBT Application on Your Android Device?

Visit the Download website in your Android Mobile and download the installer App after that to install DBT Fert PoS Application in your Android Mobile, User first need to download the installer program from the portal. 

You should upgrade your DBT Fertilizer app as soon as possible to get the latest security features.

Latest Version: Download DBT Fertilizer App 3.2.1

Android Version: Go to mobile settings > About Phone > Check Android Version

You can only download this app after payment of our guidance fee.

Download DBT Fertilizer 3.2.1 Android Version


DBT Fertilizer 3.2.1 for POS Machine 


DBT Fertilizer App 3.2 for Android 11 and Below Users


DBT Fertilizer App 3.2 for Android 12 and above users


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Note: To get DBT Fertilizer 3.2.1 app you have to pay our guidance fee. 

Download the Latest DBT in Fertilizer 3.2.1 for Window

DBT Fertilizer FAQs:

DBT Fertilizer App giving error "No of device per retailer exceeded"?

This error will come when you open your retailer ID on more than 10 Android devices then you face this error. The first solution for this error is to not use more than 10 devices for your ID and use the old devices on which you earlier register your ID. If you still facing this issue then visiting your Company Nodal Officer (CNO) will help to resolve this issue. CNO is the officer where from you get your Retailer ID.

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  2. After Payment Please Do not forget to share your details that we can help you. You can use Contact Us form or Directly message on our WhatsApp number shared on this page.

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    I got dbt for android version 13

  5. I have paid the fees and receive the app version 3.2 for android version 12 ,it works fine .