DBT in Fertilizer latest Application Download Version 3.2.1

DBT Fertilizer 3.2.1
DBT In Fertilizer 3.2.1

What is DBT Fertilizer App 3.2.1?

The Indian government introduced the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT Fertilizer) system in fertilizers in October 2016, which ensures that a 100% subsidy on various fertilizer grades is released to the fertilizer companies based on actual sales made by the retailers to the beneficiaries. To make the sale of subsidized fertilizers to farmers more efficient and transparent, the government has implemented Point of Sale (PoS) devices installed at each retail shop, which identify beneficiaries through Aadhaar cards, KCC, Voter Identity Cards, etc. To monitor the implementation of DBT, a Project Monitoring Cell has been set up, and 24 State Coordinators have been appointed across all states. With the successful rollout of DBT, the government has developed dashboards and reports for various stakeholders, including farmers, DOF/Movement Division, state agriculture departments, district collector/district agriculture officers, fertilizer companies, and marketing federations. The Department of Fertilizers has also implemented a Short Message Service (SMS) system for buyers for the sale of fertilizers, enabling them to receive details about the purchase through SMS. Based on this success, a DBT fertilizer app 3.2.1 has been developed, providing farmers and other stakeholders with an easy-to-use platform to access real-time information on the availability of subsidized fertilizers, stock positions, and purchase receipts, among other features.

DBT in Fertilizer app 3.2.1 is an upgraded version of the DBT Fertilizer 3.2 App which is released by the Department of Fertilizer on 2 March 2023 for pan India.

How to use DBT Fertilizer Application 3.2.1?

To use DBT Fertilizer app 3.21 you need to Android device in which you have to download and install DBT in Fertilizer App. DBT Fertilizer app is for stakeholders of fertilizer suppliers like dealers, Retailers, etc. to successfully distribute fertilizer to farmers. After installation of this app, you have to use your retailer ID and pin to log in. After successfully login in DBT Fertilizer app now you are ready to do all things to which you have access like the sale of fertilizers to farmers.

Download DBT Fertilizer App 3.2.1 Version


DBT Fertilizer App 3.2 for Android 11 and Below Users


DBT Fertilizer App 3.2 for Android 12 and above users


Download the Latest DBT Fertilizer 3.2.1 for Laptop/Desktop

DBT Fertilizer FAQs:

DBT Fertilizer App giving error number of device per retailer exceeded?

This error will come when you register your retailer ID on more than 10 Android devices then you face this error. The first solution for this error is to not use more than 10 devices for your ID and use the old devices on which you earlier register your ID. If you still facing this issue then visiting your Company Nodal Officer (CNO) will help to resolve this issue. CNO is the officer where from you get your Retailer ID.

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