No of Device Per Retailer Exceeded Error Solution in DBT Fertilizer App?

Error: NO Of  Device Per Retailer Exceeded
Error: NO Of  Device Per Retailer Exceeded

Error: NO of Devices Per Retailer Exceeded!

NO OF DEVICES PER RETAILER EXCEEDED, In the DBT Fertilizer app, Retailers are allowed a limited number of devices they can use for the DBT Fertilizer Application. Retailers can use a maximum of 10 devices for DBT in Fertilizer application. This limit applies separately to Android devices and Windows systems. It means a retailer can log in with their retailer ID to a maximum of 10 Android devices and 10 Windows systems. Every device has a unique IP address. A retailer can log in on a maximum of 20 IP addresses, 10 for Android devices and 10 for Windows systems. 

How is this error comes?

Every internet connection works or transfers data from one device to another through an IP Address. When we connect a device to the internet and log in to the retailer ID, the server record one IP Address. If a retailer is using a single device and still facing "NO of Device Per Retailer Exceeded," It means the retailer connected his device through multiple internet connections. So, the DBT Fertilizer server recorded 10 IP Addresses of a particular operating system. Also, if the retailer used multiple devices to log in to his retailer ID, then the retailer still faces the same error.

DBT Fertilizer users can avoid this error by login with one device of any operating system and using that device on a single internet connection. Avoid logging in with multiple devices of the same operating system.

NO of Device Per Retailer Exceeded Solution?

  1. If you use your old device to log in with your Retailer ID, then it can be a possibility that you can log in with your Retailer ID in DBT Fertilizer App.
  2. If the above solution does not work, then you have to visit your Company Nodal Officer. They will reset your Retailer ID, and now you can log in with your Retailer ID again. Suppose you do not have knowledge about your Company Nodal Officer (CNO). Please contact where from you got your retailer ID. They will help you to solve your problem.

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