DBT in Fertilizer latest Windows Application Download V 3.2.1

DBT Fertilizer Windows version

What is DBT Fertilizer 3.2.1 Windows App?

DBT Fertilizer Windows version is an application developed by the Department of Fertilizer Government of India. Which is used by stakeholders responsible for fertilizer movement (shipping) and sale of fertilizers. DBT in Fertilizer application is used to track fertilizer movement and sale to farmers. The main benefit of the DBT Fertilizer app is that Department can check the availability of stocks and track the beneficiaries of subsidies fertilizers.

How to use DBT in Fertilizers 3.2.1 Windows Application?

DBT in Fertilizer 3.2.1 Windows application is available in two versions. One version of the Fert PoS app supports a 32-bit Windows system and another one available for Windows 64-bit system. So, you have to check your system details before installing DBT in Fertilizer program in your Window system. After checking system details decide what is your system bit. and select a suitable DBT in fertilizer program for your Windows.

How to Download DBT Fertilizer 3.2.1 in Windows?

You have to check your system and decide whether your system is 32-bit or 64-bit. Pay our guidance fee to us. Share your payment details with us on our WhatsApp after successful payment. We will help you to install the app after payment.

DBT in Fertilizer 3.2 Window System 32-bit

DBT in Fertilizer 3.2 Window System 64-bit

Download Latest DBT Fertilizer 3.2.1 Window Version


WhatsApp : +918556873497 or Click here

DBT Fertilizer Installation Manual


The purpose is to guide end-user in the installation of DBT in Fertilizer Desktop application. Before installation of the Desktop application Retailer needs to install Java software & RD Services with supporting tools & Retailer needs to register through a biometric fingerprint device. 

  1. Details of the Installation procedure for Java software 
  2. Installation Guide for RD Device Drivers 
  3. Installation guide for RD Device SUPPORT TOOLS (Only for Mantra MFS100_RD) 
  4. How to Download the Desktop Application. 

1. Installation procedure for Java software

1.1. Visit the Java website and download the installer
To install Java, first, you need to download the installer program from Oracle. Visit the "Download Java" page. Click the "Download" button. While downloading match your system bit for which you are downloading.

Download JAVA by Oracle
Download JAVA by Oracle

Depending on which web browser you are using to download Java and depending on its configuration, you may be prompted to either Download, Save or Run the installer file.

Browser system to save file
Browser system to save file

If you are prompted to run the Java installer file from Oracle, it is ok to just click on the Run button. You also may prefer to save it to your disk and manually find and run the installer yourself.

1.2. Run the installer

Depending on your Windows Security Settings, you may be prompted to allow the Java Installer to modify files on your computer.

“Double click” on the downloaded installer file.

JAVA File in explorer
JAVA File in Explorer

Then, Click “Yes” to Continue..

JAVA program need permission to install
JAVA program needs permission to install

1.3.Install Java

You are now shown the Java installer program.

When you have read and are ready to accept the license agreement, click the "Install" button, the installation process starts.

JAVA Installation Permission
JAVA Installation Permission 

JAVA Installation Progress
JAVA Installation Progress

Now, you have successfully installed Java, click close to “Close”

JAVA Installation Complete
JAVA Installation Complete

2. Install Mantra RD Service and Driver

Download link for Mantra RD Service Setup.

The registered device service of MFS100 is fully compatible with the latest Aadhaar Authentication API 2.0 (rev 1). Registered device service Setup for MFS100 is available on our download portal.

Mantra RD Service Setup and Guide
Mantra RD Service Setup and Guide

The program you have to install

  1. Mantra RD Service for your Window
  2. Mantra Driver
  3. Mantra Client Management 

After Successful installation test the device by initializing the test and after successful capture your device is ready.
Mantra MFS100 Test Application

Now Install DBT in Fertilizer 3.2.1 setup in your Window

To install Desktop Application, first retailers need to download the installer program from our site by paying our guidance fee.

Desktop Application will be downloaded in the System as Given below

DBT in Fertilizer setup in Explorer
DBT in Fertilizer 3.2.1 setup in Explorer

1. Start installation

Double click” on the downloaded installer file

System Permission to Install Setup
System Permission to Install Setup

Click on “Yes” to Continue further

Agreement of DBT in Fertilizer
Agreement of DBT in Fertilizer 3.2

Click on I Agree button to accept the license agreement

DBT PoS Installation Folder
DBT PoS 3.2.1 Installation Folder
Click on Install to proceed

DBT Fertilizer 3.2.1 Installing
Installation will complete within minute

DBT Fertilizer Installation Complete
DBT Fertilizer 3.2 Installation Complete

Installation Completed Click on Close

After installation, check Desktop for web PoS shortcut Double click on it to run the application.

DBT Fertilizer 3.2.1 Window Icon

Now DBT In Fertilizer 3.2.1 will open in your Window login using your ID and PIN

DBT In Fertilizer Latest Version in Window
DBT In Fertilizer 3.2.1 Latest Version of Desktop

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