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Here I will provide an idea using that you can easily get Aadhar work. Aadhar was established on 12th July 2016 by the Government of India. Now Aadhar is the most important document in India. India has 135 crores population and imagines how much demand for Aadhar work. After many security breaches in the Aadhar system, UIDAI stops private player access to Aadhar work. Now, only these institutions can do the work of Aadhar:

  • Government Institutions
  • Banks
  • Common Service Centers (CSC)

If you are unable to get Aadhar work through the above channels. I have another idea by using that you can get Aadhar work. Now, I come to the point that how to get Aadhar work. Maybe you are aware that Postman completes works of  India Post Payment Bank like; account opening, deposits & withdrawals many more services of IPPB. Here you have to know that postmen are agents of India Post Payment Bank means Business Correspondent. Recently IPPB launches Aadhar work through postman. This means every postman can link a mobile number with Aadhar through the CELC app and enroll a child in Aadhar.

Recently India Post Payment Bank invites applications for India Post Payment Bank Business Correspondent from individuals. If you don't know how to apply for the IPPB Business Correspondent Click Here. Here the idea is that individuals and private entities also work as Agents or Business Correspondents of IPPB. This means you can get Aadhar work if you have the necessary qualifications and if you have an Agent ID of India Post Payment Bank.

Necessary Qualifications for Aadhar Work:

  • Have some basic knowledge to operate a computer 
  • You have to minimum 12th qualification
  • Most important you have a supervisor/operator or CELC certificate
If you have the mentioned qualification then visit the nearest IPPB branch or head office with all your documents. If you do have not an Agent ID of IPPB then click here and apply for the IPPB Business Correspondent.

If you don't know that how to get an Aadhar supervisor/operator certificate or CELC certificate then click here.