DBT in Fertilizer latest Application Download V 3.21

DBT Fertilizer Latest Application 3.2.1
DBT Fertilizer Latest Application 3.21

What is DBT Fertilizer App Version 3.21?

DBT in Fertilizer Application is to monitor using IT-based Technology Solutions, the movement and sales of the different fertilizers from fertilizer manufacturers/importers to fertilizer wholesalers and from wholesalers to retailers across the country. The system acts as a tool for Government Bodies to track and ensure the timely distribution of fertilizers to the farmer community. DBT fertilizer is a simple user-friendly application to be used by fertilizer wholesalers and retailers for acknowledging receipt of fertilizers, reporting onward fertilizer sales, and reporting daily stock position.

Benefits of DBT Fertilizer App Version 3.21?

DBT Fertilizer app has so many benefits which track the movement of different fertilizers.
  • The most important feature of this application is authority can track the movement and sale of fertilizer. So, it ensures the timely distribution of fertilizer.
  • The second most important feature is it prohibits the black marketing of fertilizers.

How to use it?

If you are doing business with fertilizers then you have to take a license from Government. If you have a license then you have definitely a retailer ID using this you can register on the DBT Fertilizer application in a few simple steps:

  1. Enter your retailer ID and PIN
  2. The next step is Aadhar authentication of the retailer through fingerprint (Note: If you are using any device first time for registration then a retailer fingerprint is necessary.)
  3. All set, retailers or any agent can log in and sell fertilizer.
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DBT Fertilizer FAQs:

DBT Fertilizer App giving error number of device per retailer exceeded?

This error will come when you open your retailer ID on more than 10 Android devices then you face this error. The first solution for this error is to not use more than 10 devices for your ID and use the old devices on which you earlier register your ID. If you still facing this issue then visiting your Company Nodal Officer (CNO) will help to resolve this issue. CNO is the officer where from you get your Retailer ID.