Paytm Bank Agent App v5.4.2 (latest Update) Download

Paytm Bank Agent Latest App 5.4.2

You can download Paytm Ka ATM (Paytm Bank Agent) latest application here. Paytm Ka ATM (Paytm Bank Agent) is a private application that is not available for the public. It is also not available in the Google Play Store.
  • Uses of Paytm ka ATM v5.4.2 (Paytm Bank Agent) application
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Paytm Ka ATM (Paytm Bank Agent) application is a private application which only available for Paytm BC Agent. Paytm BC Agent is a person who conducts business on behalf of Paytm Payment Bank Limited. Paytm BC Agent creates a lead and completes Paytm customer's KYC. A BC agent can open a Paytm Payment Bank account of customers using this application. BC agent deposit and withdraw cash from the customer's account by using Paytm ka ATM (Paytm Bank Agent) application. The agent can also load wallet balance into the customer's Paytm wallet. The agent can generate an account statement using Paytm Ka ATM (Paytm Bank Agent) application.

Services you can provide using Paytm Bank BC application v5.4.2

  1. Complete full KYC of the customer's
  2. Open Paytm Payment Bank
  3. Issue fastag
  4. Deposit cash into Paytm bank account
  5. Withdraw cash from Paytm bank account
  6. Load money into Paytm wallet
  7. Generate statement of Paytm bank customers
  8. Pay bill for electricity
  9. Pay EMIs of loan
  10. Account Link Direct Benefit Schemes of Government

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Paytm Ka ATM (Paytm Bank Agent App) version - v5.4.2

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