How to fill Registration form to Become Paytm Service Agent?

Apply for Paytm Service Agent

Who is PSA?

PSA means Paytm Service Agent who works for Paytm for onboarding merchants to receive payment through Paytm and all other UPI apps. Also, sells card machine and sounds box of Paytm. PSA can recharge mobile, DTH, pay different bills, and booking trains, hotels, flight tickets, and many more.

Who can PSA?

  • To become a Paytm Service Agent your age should be 18 years.
  • You need to submit your Adhar photo to Paytm means you have to your own Adhar card.
  • You have to be your own android phone.

PSA Job details?

  • Paytm Service Agent onboard and assign QR to offline merchants to receive payments through Paytm and other UPI applications.
  • PSA sells different products of Paytm to merchants like EDC machine, sound box, debit card swipe machine.
  • PSA sells mobiles recharge, trains ticket, flight booking, hotel reservations, and different utility bill payments.
  • Paytm Service Agent can sell mobile insurance and warranty extensions plans.
  • Paytm Service Agent can guide merchants to avail loans.

How to fill Registration form to Become Paytm Service Agent?

You can easily apply for Paytm Service Agent by following the below mentions steps. You can apply for PSA in two ways -
  1. Register for the PSA program and attend a webinar for PSA and clear your all doubts and then apply for Paytm Service Agent. You have to fill your basic details with a mobile number and email. You can apply here.
  2. If you have sufficient knowledge and you are interested to apply for Paytm Service Agent. Then I will guide from there you can directly apply for PSA and your PSA ID will assign you instantly.
  • Login into Paytm App.
  • Next search Paytm Service Agent into the search bar 
  • You will land to form page where you have to fill your basic details with your address and you have to click your photo and also Adhar front and back photo
  • Next, an assessment page will open where you have to qualify that with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • After qualifying the test you have to pay 499/999 for the PSA kit.
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation message that you are onboarded as a Paytm Service Agent.
  • Login to the PSA application and start earning after receiving the PSA kit.
Download Latest PSA Application here.

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