How to Add Custom 404 Error Page on Website?

Example of  a custom error 404 page

What is an Error 404 page?

To visit a website we enter a web address into the browser address bar and in the response to the web address, we land on that web page through our browser. When we enter an incorrect web address into the browser and that web address does not exist on the internet or with a particular domain then where we will land. Think?
If a web address not present with any domain in this case browser gives a response error 404. Webmaster sets a redirect URL code on the server that whenever anyone enters a web address of a particular domain and addresses not exist in that case user will redirect on a page called error 404 pages.

Why error 404 is important?

Why error 404 is important? Think that you are asking something from someone and that person is not giving you any response to you. Then how are you feel? If anyone asking something to you then respond to him at least say "I don't know". Error 404 is also the same concept. Whenever anyone enters any web address into a browser address bar then browser checks with the server and responses to the users. If the content is available then good either browser will respond an error 404 message to a user.
  • An error 404 page tells users that you are on a wrong URL which is not present with the current domain server.
  • Webmaster set a 404 error page on the server that webmaster can tell a user that this content is not more with the current path or you are on the wrong URL.
  • Error 404 pages can guide a user regarding any content or visit with correct information.
  • Error 404 pages can convert a wrongly landed visitor into a good customer.
  • Finally, an error 404 page helps visitors to understand that they are on the wrong path.

Is I have to set an Error 404 page?

NO, it is not necessary that you have to set an error 404 page because error 404-page maximum time already set by hosting company with all other response codes. But, if you want a custom page with your website then you have to design according to you.

How to add a custom 404 error page?

  1. Go to your control panel and click on error page and you will find all error response codes there.
  2. Click and edit that particular page you want to customize according to your need.
  3. Save it according to you when your work is done.
Now try with the wrong URL and it will show which is you designed into an error page.


When you complete your 404-page design then save that file into Public_html directory with a filename like error_name.shtml (404.shtml). Now, if you or any users enter a web URL that is not present on the server then it will redirect you to custom 404 error page. 
If still, it's not redirecting you on a custom-designed error page then you have to write a .htaccess file to redirect on a custom error page.
  1. Just go to your file manager and create a file .htaccess.
  2. Click on edit by selecting .htaccess file.
  3. Write ErrorDocument error_number /filename like (ErrorDocument 404 /404.shtml) on which you want to redirect users.
  4. Now save the all work and now it will definitely work. All users with the wrong URL will be redirected on your custom designed page.
Like this, you can customize any error page for any error codes on your website with the help of the above steps. If you still need more help then our website has a comment section below the article or clicks on contact us from the menu.

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