Amazon Associate Account Fast Approval Trick

Approved Amazon Affiliate
Get fast approval of Amazon Affiliate Account

Amazon Associate Account is an affiliate account in which you will send directly or indirectly traffic on and promote to buy products on through Amazon. You can write a review or details about any specific product of Amazon and promote it through your special link provided by Amazon to you. If you have a large number of followers then Amazon will provide you a special page area on by that, you can add unique products on that page.
In short "you will promote Amazon among your followers and Amazon will give you pre-decided commission".

Before starting tricks first understand Amazon associate policy for getting an approved affiliate.

Conditions for an approved affiliate account?

  1. You will have to complete 3 qualifying sales within 180 days of applying the affiliate account.
  2. You will have to comply with the different operating agreements of the Amazon affiliate program.

Benefits of an Approved affiliate account?

  1. An approved affiliate account will get a special link with an accurate tracking system.
  2. You will get the PA API with automated and real-time millions of Amazon product selection. means once you set your Amazon PA API in your application then you don't have to change it from time to time because it PA API recommends products according to user interest which will lead high conversion rate and of course it will increase your affiliate income.   
  3. Last but not least you don't have to apply again for an Amazon associate account because if you were unable to complete 3 qualifying sales then your associate account will be closed and you will get apply again an option for your affiliate account as per your last record.

Rules for Qualifying sales?

  1. The product should not purchase by your relatives means if you share your affiliate link to your relative then it will be not counted in qualifying sales. So, you must care about traffic which is going through a website or application.
  2. If you promote traffic on Amazon and user buy a product and later canceled before taking delivery then it will not be a qualifying sale.
  3. Many other rules present for qualifying sales and operating agreements. You can read it all here.

The trick for fast approval of amazon associate account?

After reading all terms & conditions you will understand that sale should be genuine with the complying operating agreement. When you read rules for qualifying sales then your vision will clear that how a sale will be a qualifying sale? If you want fast approval of account then you will have to care that from where you are promoting your traffic to Amazon. 

Trick rules:-

  1. You will not share your link on WhatsApp or through email to someone. Promote your traffic through your website or YouTube Channel.
  2. When someone orders a product through your affiliate link is careful that his/her account not login ever in your device.
  3. When you direct traffic on Amazon through website or application then your account address and his/her account address with the same name and mobile number should not match.
  4. When you promoting traffic to Amazon your account payment details should not match like credit/debit card details should not match.
In short "Create a new Amazon account in a different device in which you not logged your account in the last three months or use someone else account and go to your website or YouTube account and click on an affiliate link and link will redirect you Amazon site or application then search something you want to order or choose a low-cost item and that using new cards or payment instrument which you not used before in your account".
This order will definitely be a qualifying sale and repeat this three times and when you complete three qualifying sales. Your Amazon Associate Account will be approved by reviewing your affiliate application and you will get special links and PA API.

"If you face any problem or you have any better idea then comment or send us through contacting us page".

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