Now Direct Benefit Transfer Changes Easy

Direct Benefit Transfer?

Directly transfer of subsidy amount from Government to public in their bank account is known as Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). DBT amount directly comes into people bank account using PFMS system. This way government ensures successful transfer for amount to beneficiaries.
Government launches many programs to help public. Sometimes government provides cash and sometimes in kinds. But few years ago many schemes had many loopholes.The subsidy given by the government did not reach most of the general public due to corruption. Time passes and government make improvement in schemes rules to maximize public welfare. To stop corruption and ensure successful transfer of subsidy to beneficiaries government came on conclusion that government will transfer subsidy amount directly into beneficiaries bank account. Now, this new system is known as Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).

How people face problems into DBT?

Some people don't have bank account. Some people don't have a bank account with correct information. Sometime details mismatch in bank and identity card. Sometimes people want to change their bank account for DBT. There have a big issue for DBT beneficiaries that some people do not have sufficient knowledge of bank account. Sometime people have not updated correct information into bank. So, they can't receive DBT. On the name of updation and correction many people takes heavy charge like Customer Service Point (CSP).

Fast and easy solution to receive DBT?

If you have a bank account with correct information then you can receive DBT into bank account. When you update your consent  with concern agency. If you don't have bank account or bank account with correct information then here I will give you a easy solution to you. To fulfill all condition "bank account with updated information and consent to receive DBT to concern agency". You have to open a PAYTM PAYMENT BANK by visiting nearby KYC POINT which is easy, instant and also in free. Visit nearby KYC point and open a Paytm Payment Bank account using your Adhara or another identity card. At the time of opening bank account tell BC Agent to submit DBT consent form with Paytm Payment Bank and rest leave on Paytm bank. After few days you will start receiving into Paytm Bank. If you have already Paytm Bank then you can go to bank section in Paytm app and submit DBT consent or you can visit nearby KYC POINT

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