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A person or legal entities authorize by PayTm to do work of Paytm assign by PayTm like; Paytm KYC, Deposit Cash, Withdraw Cash, Add money into the wallet, Bank Statement, Loan payment and last one are assign an instant Debit card to Paytm Payment Bank customers. Paytm is regularly improving our platform and adding new features to give a better experience to Paytm customers.

Who can be Paytm Bank BC Agent?

➥ Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
➥ MFIs set up under Societies/Trust Acts
➥ Societies registered under Mutually Aided Co-operative Societies Acts of States
➥ Companies registered section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956
➥ Registered NBFCs not accepting public deposits
➥ Post Office
➥ Insurance Agents
➥ Krishi Vigyan units
➥ KVC/KVB units
➥ Registered Village Organisations
➥ Retail outlets such as telecom, Kirana. and medical stores
Any one of the above is eligible and can apply for Paytm  Bank Agent.


Before applying for a BC Agent you have to be a full KYC customer. KYC should complete by Aadhar Biometric authentication not using other documents like voter ID, Passport, etc.

Download Paytm Bnak Agent Application New Version

How to Apply Paytm Bank BC Agent?

1. There are many ways to apply for a Paytm BC Agent in which the first and simple way to apply for BC is an approach to the PaytmBank website there you will get a form in which you have to fill simple details likes name, mobile number, etc. Apply
Paytm BC Agent


Sometimes, many ways to do a job. So, to become a Paytm BC Agent many ways are present. Which more efficient than the first method of apply online. In this method we approach to BC HelpDesk when the call will be connected to an executive then we tell them that we want to be a BC Agent of Paytm. Then the executive will fill a form on our behalf. They will ask for simple information about you and your shop location. They will give you a timeline and within the timeline, you will get a BC access. This method has extra benefits that are you can track your application and can get the status of your application. In the first method, you can't track your application. Paytm BC Helpdesk- 01204160160


Last but it will be the right way to approach for a BC access. You have to visit the nearby KYC point. To check KYC Point in the area click HERE and enter your area pin code to check nearby KYC point in your localities. Go there and ask from them about Paytm FSE (Field Sales Executive). Generally, one FSE in one district is appointing by Paytm but due to a vacant post, nearby district FSE will work. Ask them for an FSE number. If BC says I don't know the current FSE number then click on how to check FSE number. When you get FSE number then call them directly and tell them that in your area no BC Agent is present and you want to become a BC Agent because FSE is a person who gives you BC access. So talk to them and convince them.

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