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What is the e-Shram card?

e-Shram card is the Universal Account Number (UAN) for unorganized workers. Any worker who is a home-based worker, self-employed worker, or a wage worker working in the unorganized sector and not a member of ESIC or EPFO, is called an unorganized worker.

Benefits of e-Shram card?

  • Maximum subsidies benefits for the lower-income group will be credited by the Government with the help of e-Shram card UAN in the future.
  • The e-Shram cardholder will get Pradhanmantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) for free for the first year from the Ministry of Labour & Employment.
  • The e-Shram holder will get benefits from Government in future pandemic situations like COVID-19.

Who can Apply for e-Shram?

Any person from India age group between 16 - 59 and self-employed or working in unorganized sectors can apply for the e-Shram card. Its registration is totally free.

How to apply for an e-Shram Card?

You can apply for the e-Shram card using two methods.

  1. Anyone can register for the e-Shram by visiting the self-registration portal of e-Shram.
  2. By visiting your nearby CSC center with your required documents.


Information required for registration

  • Self-registration icon imageAadhaar number
  • Mobile icon imageAadhaar linked active mobile number
  • Bank icon imageBank account details
  • Age icon imageAge should be between 16-59 years (01-10-1961 to 30-09-2005)

 Remember self-registration portal is for those who have an active mobile number linked with their Aadhar.

  1. Enter your mobile number on the self-registration portal and fill the captcha and click on send OTP and verify the OTP in the next step.
  2. After OTP verification you have be fill your Aadhaar number in the next step and verify with the Aadhar OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  3. After this, you have to fill in your personal, educational, banking, and work details. After submission of these details, your Universal Account Number will be generated.

By CSC Center

Everyone can visit any CSC center for e-Shram card registration. No matter your Aadhar is linked with your active mobile number or not. CSC center has options fingerprint, iris, and OTP.

Visit your nearby CSC center with your Aadhar card and Bank account details. If you are carrying your income certificate, caste certificate, and education proof then it will be much better.

Find your nearby CSC Center. Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who are unorganized workers?

Any worker who is a home-based worker, self-employed worker, or a wage worker working in the unorganized sector and not a member of ESIC or EPFO, is called an unorganized worker.

Q2. What is an unorganized sector?

The unorganized sector comprises of establishment/ units which are engaged in the production/ sale of goods/ services and employ less than 10 workers. These units are not covered under ESIC & EPFO.

Q3. What is UAN?

Universal Account Number is a 12 digits number uniquely assigned to each unorganized worker after registration on eSHRAM portal. UAN number will be a permanent number i.e. once assigned, it will remain unchanged for the worker’s lifetime.

Q4. I am unable to connect to the helpdesk number - 14434. What should I do?

In case you are unable to contact short code helpdesk number 14434, you may also try the 10-digit number as provided by the CSC

Q5. Are there any income criteria?

There are no income criteria for registering on eSHRAM as unorganized worker. However, he/she should not be an income tax payee.

Q6. Are there any eligibility criteria to register in e-SHRAM?

Any worker who is unorganized and aged between 16-59, is eligible to register on the eSHRAM portal.

Q7. What essential documents are required by the worker to register on eSHRAM?

Following is required by the worker to register on the eSHRAM portal– Aadhaar Number Mobile number, Aadhaar linked Bank account Note – If a worker does not have Aadhaar linked mobile number, he/ she can visit the nearest CSC’s and register through Biometric authentication.

Q8. What is the benefit an unorganized worker will get when he/she registers on the eSHRAM portal?

Central Government has developed an eSHRAM portal which will be a centralized database of unorganized workers seeded with Aadhaar. After registering, he/she will get an Accidental Insurance cover of 2 Lacs under PMSBY. In the future, all the social security benefits of unorganized workers will be delivered through this portal. In emergency and national pandemic-like situations, this database may be utilized to provide necessary assistance to the eligible unorganized workers.

Q9. How unorganized worker can get register on eSHRAM portal?

An Unorganized worker may register himself/herself through visiting on eSHRAM portal or through assisted approach by visiting the nearest CSC’s.

Q10. Is there any charge the worker must pay for the registration in eSHRAM?

Registration on the eSHRAM portal is free. Workers are not required to pay any charges to any registering entity.

Q11.Will there be any deduction from the worker’s bank account after registration?

No. Bank details are being captured to ensure hassle-free delivery of benefits under social security schemes or any benefits by the Central/State government directly to the worker’s account.

Q12.Does the eSHRAM card have a validity period?

This is a permanent number and valid for the lifetime

Q13. Does the worker have to renew the UAN card?

There is no need to renew the eSHRAM card to the workers to regularly update their details, mobile number, current address, etc. To keep his account active, he/she is required to update his account at least once a year.

Q14. How workers can update their details in eSHRAM?

Workers can update their details by visiting on eSHRAM portal or through CSC’s

Q15. What are the details workers can update in eSHRAM?

Once registered, a worker may update his particular details such as mobile number, current address, occupation, educational qualification, skill types, family details etc. through visiting on eSHRAM portals or nearest CSC’s.

Q16. What is NCO?

It is the National Classification of Occupation prepared on the basis of work and skill levels required to execute the work. It is an international practice and uniform across the country. It helps in comparing, classifying, sorting occupations and skill levels.

Q17. Select the matching occupation which worker is currently doing?

At the time of registration, workers need to select an occupation. It will be based on two-level selection – At the first level worker needs to select a Sector (Agriculture, Automobiles, Construction, etc.), which is a broad-based category of activities. At the second level worker is required to select his activity in the form of occupation which the worker is currently doing. The activity which is the source of his major income is primary activity/occupation. Any other activity which is a minor but significant source of income is called secondary occupation.

Q18. How occupation is different from skill?

A skill is a learned or natural ability to accomplish a particular task whereas an occupation is a person's usual or principal work or business, especially as a means of earning a living.

Q19. How my details will be used by the Labour ministry. ?

It is a centralized database seeded with Aadhaar. It will be used for delivery of social security benefits as implemented by Central & State Ministries. It will also ensure portability of the social security and welfare benefits to the migrant and construction workers at their working places. It may also be used for providing assistance to the eligible workers during any National crisis like COVID-19 in future.

Q20. What is PM Suraksha Bima Yojana?

Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana is an Accidental Insurance scheme of Government of India eligible to the people between 18- 70 years of age group. It provides benefit of Rs. 2 Lacs at the time of accidental death and permanent disability & Rs. 1 Lac in case of partial disability.

Q21.How PMSBY is associated with eSHRAM?

The registered workers under eSHRAM portal, will be enrolled under PMSBY and premium for the first year will be borne by the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India

Q22 Is there any helpdesk I can contact to address my queries?

A dedicated National Help desk has been setup for any queries related to eSHRAM registration and grievances. Helpdesk Number is 14434 (or 10-digit number as provided by CSC)

Q23. What if after registration in eSHRAM the unorganized worker moves to organized sector?

He/she will only get the benefit defined for organized workers, as applicable to him/her.

Q24. What procedure needs to be followed in case of the death of the worker?

The nominee or family member should file a claim along with relevant documents on the eSHRAM portal/ CSCs. They may also contact their concerned banks.

Q25. Whether I must give proof of my date of birth and income?

At present, there is no need to provide any proof of date of birth and income.

Q26. Where do I go to solve my grievance?

You may call on national helpdesk and register your grievance or register your grievance on eSHRAM Grievance portal (gms.eshram.gov.in)

Q27. Are there any educational qualifications prescribed for registering as an unorganized worker?

No. He/she should only be required to be employed in the gainful employment in the unorganized sector..

Q28. What are the documents that are to be submitted at the enrollment centre?

Worker are not required any document at the CSC’s. They are required to carry their Aadhaar number, Mobile number and bank account details along with IFSC code to register for registration along with Bank Account Details.

Q29. What action is required to be taken by the worker, after attaining the age of 60 years?

Worker do not need to take any action after attaining the age of 60. He/ she will continue to get benefits under eSHRAM project, he/she is entitled for.

Q30. Who will operate the help line/ grievance redressal mechanism?

National help desk/grievance redressal mechanism will be managed by Ministry of Labour & Employment and State call center’s/helpdesk will be managed by States.

Q31. Is the SMS language in regional language(s) of the State or in English/Hindi only?

Initially, it will be in Hindi and English. Later, it will be provided in regional languages as well.

Q32. Is there any interactive map for finding the nearest location of the registration Centre?

Yes. Please click on the link below to find your nearest CSC Centre for assisted registration - https://findmycsc.nic.in/csc/

Q33. Can the worker update his/her photo on the eSHRAM portal?

During the registration, the photo is pulled from Aadhaar services therefore provision to update the photo is not available. However, if a worker’s photo is updated in Aadhaar, the same will be reflected on the eSHRAM portal as well after the Aadhaar authentication.

Q34. What is occupation?

A person's usual or principal work or business, especially as a means of earning a living is called occupation.

Q35. What is a primary occupation?

The activity which is the source of his major income is primary activity/occupation.

Q36. What is a secondary occupation?

Any other activity which is a minor but significant source of income is called secondary activity/ occupation.

Q37. I have lost my registered mobile number. How can I update my mobile number? or register any other mobile number on the eSHRAM portal?

You can directly call the helpdesk number and after verifying your credentials, your mobile number on the eSHRAM portal will be updated. Alternatively, you can visit the eSHRAM portal or nearest CSC/ SSK’s to update your mobile number.

Q38. Are farmers eligible to register on the eSHRAM portal?

Only agriculture labour’s and landless farmers are eligible for registration in the eSHRAM portal. Other farmers are not eligible.

Q39. I am 16 years old. Can I register in eSHRAM portal?

Yes, you are eligible provided you satisfy other registration criteria

Q40. I am 16 years old. Whether I am eligible for PMSBY if registered on eSHRAM?

No, the person should be between 18 – 59 years to be eligible for PMSBY through eSHRAM registration.

Q41. FAQ's from States.

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